Pro Lift Hoists


The ProLift Product Line - The light solution for heavy tasks!

 The Novacare® Pro Lift series was developed based on years of practical experience in the field of nursing, geriatric care and clinical application. Ergonomics and ease of use played a major role. This was realized by using up-to-date, lightweight materials in combination with high-quality accessories from leading manufacturers. 

The Patient Hoists

 The entire series features an optimal lift/weight ratio. Due to their lightweight construction and the closed low friction wheels, the hoists are easy to use und extremely mobile.          

The Standing Hoist

 With the development of the ProLift S 222 standing hoist, a completely new concept was implemented. It enables patients to be ergonomically, safe and above all painlessly erected. 

The Sling Range

 One of the most important factors in the development of patient hoists is the design of the slings. Using optimal patterns and high-quality materials is the key to the easy and comfortable positioning of the client. Therefore, the ProLift sling range comprises a vast variety of sling models for different care purposes. In addition, all slings are available in the appropriate sizes, materials and reinforcements.