Supply Point

supply point logoSupplyPoint Systems are world leaders in the design and manufacture of secure, point-of-use inventory management systems. Our highly automated systems are revolutionizing the way companies and institutions manage and control the delivery critical items at the point-of-use.


Products Overview

SupplyPoint inventory control solutions are founded on an integrated, industry proven, hardware and software platform. Our unique, modular approach allows us to create systems which meet your company's exacting requirements whilst providing the flexibility to adapt with your changing needs.

All our products are fully compatible and interoperable with clearly defined, cost effective, upgrade migration paths.

"SupplyPoint has removed many of the problems we had controlling our ward based stores. Stock management is now more accurate and less time consuming." Countess of Chester NHS Foundation Trust.

Ward Based Medical Consumable Management

With an expanding and aging populations throughout the world, providers of medical services are facing an ever increasing demand on time and resources. Doctors, nurses pharmacists and surgeons are now being required to reduce administrative errors, waiting times and wastage, with simultaneous improvements in primary care quality. 

Primarily used for inventory control of consumable medical equipment, SupplyPoint is in daily use at a number of leading hospitals across the world.

By fully utilising the innovative and adaptable platform, SupplyPoint is revolutionising the concept of ward based pharmaceutical inventory management.

With its extensive search functionality nurses benefit by faster, more accurate access to drugs; time-consuming searches for keys or misplaced drugs is eliminated, increasing time available for primary patient care. Through the use of expiration date and batch number controls, unnecessary drug wastage can also be reduced.

Thanks to accurate, up-to-the-minute inventory records, administration of ward based stores is also improved; by simply producing a stock issue report, pharmacists can restock the SupplyPoint from the main stores in one operation. Time consuming and error prone manual procedures are eliminated, whilst simultaneously increasing availability and reducing on-hand stocks.

Item Security Solutions

Built on our award winning SupplyPoint hardware and software platform, your inventory can be automatically controlled to individual items. Advanced features including rationing, restrictions, expiration dates, calibration control and complete rework cycle control, provide you with all the tools to obtain a best-in-class return on investment.

The SupplyPoint Solution

SupplyPoint represents the pinnacle in automated point-of-use inventory management solutions. Combining an industry leading software suite with a complete, modular, adaptable 

SupplyPoint is shipped network ready together with the extensive SPS Complete software suite, providing powerful system control and configuration with extensive reporting functionality.hardware platform, all your items can be controlled with individual traceability. Operation is simple, quick and efficient, requiring almost no user training.

Using our market leading Multi-Access Drawer Modules, SupplyPoint provides total, secured control of your inventory.

An array of user configurable access control modules are available, while the overall system capacity can be adapted using a complete range of add-on units.