Foam Mattress Range

Foam technology is a proven therapy in medicine and pressure management therapies. Static air is the use of air in a sealed compartment to contour, support and cushion the body. Foam Mattresses are ideal for people who are more at ease on a non-alternating mattress but still requires high level body support. Our Foam Air Mattresses provide hours of comfort for sufferers of back pain, insomnia or sleeplessness, arthritis, youth and adult incontinence, muscular aches and pains and much more.
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Foam Mattress Range

Elatex Care Mattress

The elatex care mattress consists of highly elastic elatex ...

Elatex V System Mattress

The novacare Elatex V System Mattress has been developed ...

Elatex Visco Mattress

Our elatex visco Mattress features a combination of ...

Hollow Fiber Overlay

Our hollow fiber range of products has been developed ...

Elatex Cell System

Please contact us at 061 479003 or e-mail ...

Hollow Fiber Overlays

Please contact us at 061 479003 or e-mail ...