Tough Furniture: What is it?

    Tough Furniture is attractive, yet extremely strong, long lasting furniture, to suit the special needs of environments where challenging behaviour, carelessness or abuse leads to continuous refurbishment or replacement of furniture. Tough Furniture is known to be the toughest furniture available in Europe. Tough Furniture has served the UK furniture market, unrivaled, for the past 21 years and is known for the manufacturer’s wealth of experience, innovation and customization.It’s easy to think that the more tough furniture is, the less attractive it can be. This is not the case with our Tough Furniture. Our furniture is not only long lasting and durable, it is also attractive, contributing to the overall ‘cozy’ feel of the surrounding environments. Cregg Medical is the first and only designated supplier of Tough Furniture in Ireland that is:Durable and fit for purpose to withstand ‘challenging behaviour’ including deliberate abuse

      • Domestic and non-institutional in appearance

      • Affordable and offers good value through the life-cycle cost

    Who is it for?

    Tough Furniture is made for a diverse spectrum of care environments where challenging or abusive behaviour is present, such as:
    • Special Residential/Day Schools and Special Units for students with learning difficulties, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Emotional & Behavrioural Difficulties, Challenging Behaviours
    • Daycentres and Residential Accommodation/Homes for adults with learning difficulties, spectrum disorders, challenging behaviours
    • Autistic Provision in the home
    • PICUs, Psychiatric and Mental Health Units, Hospital Wards
    • Secure Units and Young People’s Accommodation
    • Bail Hostels
    • Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Units/Hospitals
    • Residential High Dependency Units
    • Housing Trusts
    • Private Hospitals

    When should I consider tough furniture?

    If you experience any of the problems below within your home or care environment resulting in furniture damage then Tough Furniture is the ideal furniture range for you.
    • Deliberate intent - perhaps to vent anger/obtain a weapon/get at something locked away
    • Poor physical/mental co-ordination leading to clumsiness and heavy-handedness
    • Behaviours arising from a variety of mental difficulties, often compounded by communication problems e.g. fear/frustration
    • Noncooperation with the regime such as concealing contraband within the furniture like drugs or sharps
    • Self harm, which can range from minor self mutilation through to suicide, and can be assisted by the wrong specification of furniture offering e.g. sharp edges or easy ligature tie points
    • Incontinence, ranging from unintentional but persistent urination through to deliberate smearing of faeces
    • Repetitive/obsessive behaviours, very often bouncing on beds for prolonged periods, compounded if they are heavyweights too

    How can CREGG Medical help you?

    Compared to conventional contract or store bought furniture, our Tough Furniture is in a different league. It has a specialised design and build quality to ensure it survives and functions in difficult environments where conventional products prove just not fit for purpose, possibly dangerous, or at the least degrade so quickly as to be expensive and damaging to the modern ethos of care. In addition, the range also includes products and features which are relevant only to the challenges of the care market and so just are not offered by ordinary suppliers e.g. TV Protection Units, Heavy Duty Box Beds, Ligature-Resistant Furniture, etc.

    CREGG Medical are exclusive specialists and providers in this type of furniture, with an unmatched length of specialised experience in the field across a wider spectrum of users and their needs. With our Tough Furniture range, we offer unrivaled build quality and specification, that guarantees durability, strength and value.

    What We Offer

    CREGG Medical can provide furniture for the following areas, however this list is not exhaustive:
    • The Bedroom
    • The Kitchen
    • The Dining Room
    • The Living Room
    • The Classroom
    If you are looking for a range of furniture that is not listed in the areas above, please talk to us and we will be able to design furniture for you on a bespoke basis.


    • Highly durable
    • Made to last, eliminating the cost of future refurbishment/replacement
    • Homely look
    • ‘Warm’ design of furniture
    • Contemporary appearance
    • Can be fully customised, based on your needs
    • Ideal for environments where challenging behaviour, abuse or carelessness is present


    CREGG Medical can provide you with samples of the furniture itself for evaluation. For more information on samples, pleaseÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ contact us.

    Our Brochure:

    Full details of the products/specifications/features and benefits are illustrated throughout our Tough Furniture brochure.To view our full range, pleasecontact usÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ to request a full brochure or see below.

    tough furniture 3 ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ tough furniture4

    Kate's Story

    Tough Furniture Kates StoryLike so many parents caring for challenging autistic children at home Kate found that her son’s bedroom presented some real practical problems. He loved to bounce on his bed but no bed from any of the shops would last longer than a month, so he ended up on a mattress on the floor. Likewise conventional storage furniture didn’t survive very long either. The risks from broken furniture and the difficulty of endlessly having to replace it became so much that his toys and books lived on the floor too, making the room very hard to keep clean and tidy, and his clothes had to be stored elsewhere. While Archie would happily sit the longest hour gazing out of the window, for Kate there was the constant worry of him falling through, quite apart from his penchant for posting the duvet out!

    Tough Furniture’s first job, as always, was to do what it says on the packet and cope cheerfully with the hard wear and tear. The storage bed and wardrobe/cupboard/drawer unit fitted are still going strong, with all his clothes and possessions now safe in fully lockable storage, together with an iPod player so now there can be music in a tidier room. More than this, Kate has then discovered that she can now get out different toys and books every night in rotation so they are always fresh for her son and he’s taking a far greater interest, especially in the books.

    This left the window to make safe, which Tough Furniture did through their custom design and manufacture service which can be so responsive to such individual needs. Adapting the concept behind their unique range of TV protection cabinets, they made an internal hardwood window frame containing a panel of polycarbonate. It protects the blind and outside glass and is lockable and pierced for ventilation too. Like Tough Furniture itself the window’s been designed to blend into a homely environment at the same time as solving practical problems.

    Summing up the success of her son’s new bedroom furniture Kate says: “Best of all, he doesn’t cry in his room any more. He’s happier there now because it’s become a nicer place to be.”

    The Sunfield Project Story:

    tough furniture 5Sunfield School was first established in the 1930s to provide special needs education inspired by the Steiner approach. It has students with a variety of complex learning difficulties and has an international reputation for its work with Autistic Spectrum Disorders. On its extensive site it accommodates both residential and day students as well and offers outreach services and training programmes.

    With the planning of a new enlarged school building Sunfield made every effort to design and equip it to be a dedicated autism-friendly learning environment. Their residential service had for many years used 'Tough Furniture' in areas where very challenging behaviour can occur. However the school had wider needs than just strength and durability, so senior staff got together with the company's design team to develop a new specialised type of classroom furniture to benefit both students and teachers.

    From the concepts of initial drawings there were basic prototypes produced at the factory for evaluation and these were also taken to the new school as the building was nearing completion, so that teachers had the opportunity to make an input and be able to plan their new classroom layouts. The key requirement was an individual workstation with screening to create the desired working environment for the student to be focused and free from distraction, and which could be equipped with a choice of shelves or racks to suit both the individual and such educational approaches as the TEACCH method.

    It was also essential that the sizes and proportions of these workstations could be easily varied in order to best accommodate the needs of the individual and the school through any future changes, which was achieved with a flexible modular design style and a simple robust extension system for the screening height.

    Each classroom was also equipped with a matching computer workstation which provides secure storage for the equipment, including the monitor, which can retract swiftly inside if circumstances require. The tables were also designed to modular sizes and shapes, so that with a stock of just three types of table a very wide range of layouts can be configured and easily changed too. One option illustrated is the U-shape layout which facilitates the PECS system.

    Sunfield had all its furniture made in a muted colour tone to blend with the low-arousal colour scheme of the building design, and the co-ordinated effect has been well-received. As well as the special considerations that have gone into the furniture design, it's also still ' Tough Furniture', heavy-duty and built to cope with challenging behaviour environments.


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