Advanced Rocking Chair Therapy

The Rock & Roll Mobile Rocking Chair is a breakthrough product which combines user friendly features that provide psychosocial well-being, along with numerous other health related benefits. With a range of integrated solutions for both ambulatory and semi-ambulatory individuals, the Rock & Roll is destined to meet the ever-growing level of demand for healthcare furniture and mobility devices.

Some of the Unique Proprietary Features Include:

  • Modern ergonomic design, providing the highest level of comfort and helping to avoid complications caused by long-term confinement.
  • Innovative rocking mechanism that has been proven to enhance physical and emotional wellbeing among passive care recipients through increased stimulation and self-activation.
  • Hinged armrests and sliding foot rest,ensuring ease of use, reducing the number of transfers, and providing the highest level of safety during lateral transfers.

Associated Health Benefits

Through scientific research and clinical studies, today, society isdiscovering the therapeutic and life-changing effects rocking chairs can provide. The use of rocking chairs has spread far beyond the mother/child cradle - they are now considered a form of noninvasive therapeutic treatment for a wide range of medical conditions, including but not limited to, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD, autism and sensory disorders.

Functional Mobility

By design, the Rock & Roll stimulates mobility and provides greater assistance with performing daily activities more independently. Equally important, the Rock & Roll provides special safety precautions, which reduce the risk of excess fatigue and physical overexertion during lateral transfers and manual handling of care recipients.

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Rock and Roll Mobile Rocking Chair

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